Katoucha Ngombe

Peaceful greetings mama / papa (to be),

I am Katoucha. “N’kah” as many loved ones call me.

As I have grown from a young girl to now a woman. With the thoughts of whether womanhood also meant motherhood, barely did I know that a woman has to prepare herself to become a mother. I have yet to prepare myself for motherhood. Thus, while preparing for this wonderful phase of a mother’s life, I could help mamas around me, by making the decision to start off my doula training, after many years of holding it aside.

I fully remember not long ago, being present at my goddaughter’s mother’s natural home birth. Having been a doula way before I knew what this word meant. Standing besides two wonderful midwives, I was present for her comfort and support, as her birth partner. Being present in the space, the way as I saw my grandmother doing it back in the day.

It was a few years later, I realised that I wanted to do it again. This is how the term; Doula came up for me. Until that day, I knew that I wanted to do this like my ancestors did it.

Although, it took me a while to start growing my knowledge of being a doula. The whole giving new life theme stood by me throughout my academic art studies as a sculptor and a storyteller/writer performer. Aside from all which is artistic, I am mastering my path as a herbalist. Whilst not to forget, most may say that I am a mastered listener. Which will make it easier for one to fully open up with what is needed.

From the moment one may think of pregnancy up to birth and after the birth and beyond. With a willing heart, as Your African Doula, I stand ready to walk by your side! With the years to come, my goal is to gain as much knowledge to consider myself to be a Holistic Full Spectrum Traveling Birth Worker, ready to come where I will be needed, from around the corners in Flanders all the way to our Belgian capital and back home on the African grounds and beyond. Bringing this doula bag of knowledge back home to also serve on the motherland. “Wandering the earth while helping mamas around”, is what I love saying. Also would like to share that I am fluent in four languages, from Flemish all the way to Spanish, and not to forget to include you, my Congolese sisters; “Na zali pé pona bino nioso, ba yaya na ba leki.”, meaning I am here for you, all. Arabic is what I aim next, of course. Insha’Allah.

Meanwhile located in Limburg, while being very familiar with Brussels and Ghent. There won’t be a problem reaching these corners. (I won’t be late, I promise)

Surely contact me for further information.

With many greetings,

N’kah – Your African Doula

Katoucha N.

(+32) 0495 15 17 06


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